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New Turnpike Plazas Good For Counties

The Ohio Turnpike Commission made the right decision to build new service plazas on the site of two that were torn down in Williams County in 2006.

It marks the end of the commission’s ill-conceived plan to build plazas near Delta, needlessly taking good farmland out of production forever.

It ends the abandonment of two service plazas in Williams County, plus two in Lucas County.

The sites would never have been returned to cultivation. They would have become wasted land, without use or purpose.

The one in Williams County on the south side of the turnpike was famously known as Pig Pen Plaza. A nearby farmer protested its construction by raising pigs nearby.

Rebuilding in Williams County is an appropriate and sensible use of property, a limited resource.

The Commission’s decision to go “green” at the new plaza, with alternative energy sources, is also a good move.

More experience with alternative energy adds to the general knowledge base, plus the more wind turbines, solar cells, and other equipment that are sold makes the equipment more affordable for all.

The Commission plans to provide power and communications connections for long-haul truckers. This is a good move because it stops the practice of idling large diesel engines overnight, cutting down air and noise pollution. It’s even better for the engines.

Plus, two new service plazas in Williams County mean new jobs, which are certainly welcome.

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