Archbold, OH

New Teacher Contract A Good Deal

Teachers in the Archbold Area School District proved that education of boys and girls is their priority. They agreed to a one-year base pay freeze in their new contract.

In a press release, Kent Vandock, president of the Archbold Education Association, which represents the teachers, said AEA members took the freeze “being mindful of the economic climate, as well as the concerns of the district and its constituents…”

In other words, the AEA realized the economy in this area still is in a molasses slow recovery from The Great Recession. They realize many people have gone without pay raises, seen work hours cut, and lost jobs entirely.

Normally-generous taxpayers might not approve additional taxes for the schools, simply because they don’t have the additional money to spare.

Some AEA members will still get raises for additional years of experience, and 1% base pay hikes in 2014-15 and 2015-16 are better than nothing.

But like many people, the teachers will need to pay more for their retirement and health insurance.

The AEA deal with the school board is a realistic agreement that will serve both sides, and taxpayers, well for the next three years.

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