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New Pool Access Requirement Delayed until ’13

The Archbold Park Board will be able to put off spending about $4,000 to provide access to the Archbold Swimming Pool for disabled persons.

The new requirements of the U.S. Department of Justice won’t go into effect until Jan. 13, 2013, meaning the park board is off the hook for the remainder of this year’s pool season.

The park board learned about the situation at its Monday, May 21 meeting.

Kidder said the pool did have a special lift chair that could put disabled persons into the water. However, the chair did not meet DOJ requirements. It has been removed and placed in storage.

New equipment that would meet the DOJ requirements would cost about $4,000, she said.

In other pool news, Kidder said the park board sold a used diving board by sealed bid. The board received $100 for the old board.

Kidder said the two diving boards were replaced last year.

The second board remains in storage and will be placed in a county auction.

Flying Disc Golf

The board also discussed the possibility of creating a flying disc golf course in Ruihley Park.

In flying disc golf, players throw flying discs at baskets placed around the park. Rules and scoring are similar to traditional golf.

Kidder said currently Park Board will only take on a new project or program if money is raised privately. No taxpayer funds are spent on new projects or programs.

She said the board received $200 from an individual with the requirement the money be spent in Ruihley Park. Additional money would need to be raised.

She said the board is looking for feedback from citizens about the idea.


The picnic shelter at Woodland Park is not completed.

Kidder said members of the Archbold Rotary Club are providing the labor to construct the shelter, using materials purchased by the board.

When completed, the total cost of the shelter will be approximately $2,000.


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