Archbold, OH

New Parking Lot, Sidewalk At North Pointe Park?

The Village of Archbold will look into building a paved parking area and sidewalk at North Pointe Park.

The issue was brought up during the Monday, June 17, Archbold Village Council meeting.

Dan Neff, 325 Primrose Lane, attended the meeting. He told council that his home is near the park.

“I see women with strollers struggle to get back there” to the park, he said.

Currently, there is a parking area paved with “grindings,” material that is ground off of blacktop streets as part of the repaving process.

The surface is rough in places.

When asked about how many parking spaces are needed, Neff said at times, people going to the park have parked their cars on the street, blocking his driveway.

His driveway exits onto St. Anne Street, which is a stub street. The street extends about 150 feet west of Primrose Lane.

Neff said there’s never a dozen cars parked near the park; usually, five or six.

Kevin Morton, a councilman and park board member, said in the winter, there are often seven or eight cars bringing children to use the sledding hill in the park.

Neff agreed there are more cars in the winter.

Vaughn Bentz, a councilman and 18-year veteran Park Board member, said when the park was built, the future of the North Pointe Estates subdivision was not known.

St. Anne Street could have been extended to the west.

The Park Board did not want to build parking lots and sidewalks that could have been demolished for new construction, he said.

Morton said there were a couple of options for constructing sidewalks at the park.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said Park Board should look into designing a parking area “a little bigger” than is currently needed.

He explained with everrising construction costs, “It’s cheaper when you do it the first time.”

Neff also said there are ruts in the grassy area north of the sledding hill.

He asked that the ruts be filled with soil.

“It’s a nice place for kids to play, and it’s used more than it used to be,” he said.

Jeff Fryman, council president, referred the matter to the Park Board.–David Pugh

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