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New County Emergency Management Organization Approved By Council

Archbold Village Council approved a resolution to establish a countywide emergency management organization at its Monday, May 21 meeting.

Justin Thompson, Fulton County Emergency Management Agency director, said county officials started to put the group into place, but never completed the job.

Once all of the political entities in the county– including the townships, villages, City of Wauseon, and Fulton County Commissioners– approve the proposal, an advisory board will be created.

The advisory board will be made up of the chief executive of each entity. From that board, a seven-member executive committee will be chosen.

Thompson said the board will discuss any deficiencies in emergency preparedness and work to resolve the issues.

The group also will be able to plan how to respond to disasters before they occur.

The group won’t respond directly to disasters. Thompson said under law, the affected entity is in charge of the response. For example, if a tornado strikes German Township, the response would be directed by the township trustees.

End Of Summer

Thompson said county offi cials hope to have the advisory board in place by the end of the summer.

Council met in executive session for about a half hour, said Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor.

He said two real estate issues were being studied. No action was taken on the issues.

“We are continuing to explore some (real estate) options,” Wyse said.

Council reviewed the police report and the Ohio Gas energy services bill for April.


Wyse said councilmen discussed the village zoning ordinances as they relate to parking vehicles in yards.

While unlicensed, nonrunning vehicles cannot be parked in a yard and stored indefinitely, the law is less clear about parking currently licensed, operating cars on lawns.

Wyse said councilmen also discussed parking boats and recreational vehicles on lawns.

No action was taken.

The next council meeting is Monday, June 4, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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