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Need A Bridal Shower Gift? Make It Personal

Looking for an affordable bridal shower gift with a personal touch?

A spice gift basket can fit any budget and makes an ideal personal gift for every cook. With a little imagination, you can personalize a basket for any bride.

Mexican Fiesta

Tuck a brightly colored potholder in with chili powder, cumin, dried peppers, taco seasoning or other Mexican spices. Add a jar of salsa, some tortilla chips and margarita mix if you like. For your “basket,” use an inexpensive sombrero, available at card and party stores.

Mama Mia

Line a colander or pasta serving dish with a red checkered tablecloth or cloth or paper napkins.

Add seasonings such as garlic, basil, oregano and Italian blend and include a package of pasta. Supply a packet of spaghetti sauce or fettuccine alfredo seasoning mix or a favorite pasta recipe.

A candle and bottle of Chianti add a special romantic touch.

Beginner’s Basket

Create a very basic basket for a new cook or a bride just starting out on her own with a handful of popular and common spices such as salt, pepper, cinnamon, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and turmeric.

Include a cookbook, a recipe box or a file with copies of favorite family recipes.

Spice Of Life

Even the most experienced cooks need some variety. Try assembling some unusual or new flavor combinations or savory spice blends.

Add an unusual or interesting kitchen gadget to intrigue the seasoned cook, such as a set of garnishing spoons.

Grill Master

Place a variety of grilling spices and marinade mixes with a mitt and tongs or other grilling tools in a grilling basket.

Add an apron, a roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil or a grill cleaning brush for an extra touch.

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