Archbold, OH

National Newspaper Week

This is National Newspaper Week, a week in which we celebrate the American newspaper.

Unfortunately, the news from the newspaper industry has not been good.

The newspaper, already battered by the Internet, 24-hour news cycle, cable television, and bloggers, has suffered under the economic downturn, as have all industries.

Already, some of the great names have fallen by the wayside, footnotes to history. Others find themselves battling to remain afloat.

However, if someone started digging the grave of the newspaper every time some pundit, blogger, or futurist sounded a death knell, there would be a hole to China by now.

Newspapers will do what all businesses must do; adapt, change, and evolve. Those that do become great. Those that don’t become extinct.

The newspaper will continue to do its most important job, presenting the news as no other medium can – without the glitz and hype of television, without the slanted opinions of the blogger, without the superficiality of radio.

The written word has changed the world, and changed with the world.

It will continue to do so long into the future.

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