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National Fire Prevention Week

This is National Fire Prevention Week, a time set aside to remind everyone about fire safety.

Fire safety isn’t just about the home. It’s about fire safety in workplaces, schools, movie theatres, restaurants, grocery stores…

It doesn’t require one to be in constant fear or dread. Just be aware, like any other kind of safety issue.

Know where the exits are. Public places should always have two exits available to use, in case one becomes unusable due to an emergency.

At home, the National Fire Protection Association reminds everyone, “Every second counts– plan two ways out!” There should be two escape routes from every room at home. Parents should know them, and children should, too. Practice the escape routes twice a year: once in the daytime, and once at night.

Smoke detectors are critically important. They should not only be installed, but tested regularly. The easy way to remember: replace the battery in a smoke detector when the time changes in the spring and fall, to and from Daylight Savings Time.

There are many, many tips that boil down to common sense. Be cautious with smoking materials, space heaters, candles, etc. Don’t overtax electrical circuits. Use caution with extension cords– throw them out if they’re damaged. Be cautious around a stove that uses an open flame.

Fire Prevention Week isn’t intended to scare you. Being careless around fire, or situations that can start a fire– that’s what should scare you.

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