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Mystery Firm Silent After Sick Days Issue Removed

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said Monday he had not heard back from the unnamed company that was considering bringing 500 jobs to Archbold.

In July, Wyse announced that a company was considering bringing 500 new jobs to the village and decided to halt the project.

The stated reason for not coming to Archbold was the Ohio Healthy Families Act, a statewide initiative petition. If passed by Ohio voters on Nov. 4, it would have required employers with more than 25 workers to give seven paid sick days a year.

Wyse said company officials told him as long as the sick days issue was a possibility, they would not locate in Ohio.

But on Thursday, Sept. 4, proponents pulled the sick days proposal, Issue 4, from the November ballot.

Brian Dunn, campaign manager for the proponents, said that afternoon, “We made what was a very difficult and carefully thought-out decision, along with Governor Ted Strickland to remove the issue from the ballot.

Dunn said there were a couple of reasons to pull the sick days proposal from the ballot.

“Not the least of which is there seems to be great support for a national solution” to the paid sick days question.

Another point, Dunn said, was that the opposition to the sick days proposal, mainly from the state’s business community, would have mounted a divisive campaign “that would have been damaging to Ohio,” he said.

In a Thursday press release, Strickland said, “While I support providing paid sick leave to working families, I was deeply concerned that a divisive public campaign about Ohio’s business climate, as well as the enactment of new requirements that would put Ohio at a competitive disadvantage, would both negatively impact Ohio’s economy.”

Strickland said he supports the enactment of federal legislation that would establish required sick days nationally.

Dunn said the Health Families Coalition intends to focus attention on a national solution for the paid sick days question.

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