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Music, Beer, And The Village Of Archbold

How times change.

It wasn’t that many years ago, the idea of selling beer on the streets of downtown Archbold would have caused a major uproar.

Now the Archbold Parks & Recreation Department is planning a downtown concert for June, at which plans call for the sale of beer by the can.

There is no doubt selling beer is a moneymaker. The nearby communities of Napoleon and Defiance have proven it with ribfests and other events, grossing five-figure revenues.

Alcohol in Archbold is not new. The town was once famously the home of 13 breweries. Bars and restaurants in Archbold have long sold beer and stronger spirits.

In 2008, the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce sold beer in a cordoned off section of West Holland Street during the chili cook-off. Alcoholic beverages were allowed at the recent Austin-to-Archbold concert series, although they were brought in by concertgoers– not sold at the event.

Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks & Recreation, has made it clear money raised by the sale of beer will go toward construction of the new baseball diamond complex in Memorial Park. It’s a way to advance the ball diamonds while stretching taxpayer dollars farther.

And with the way Archbold handles such things, we’re sure there won’t be a problem.

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