Archbold, OH

Muni Tax Down 39%

The village of Archbold started the year on a somewhat sour note, as the money received from the municipal income tax was down over $100,000 in January from January 2009.

Archbold Village Council members were presented the income tax information at the Monday, Feb. 15 meeting.

During January 2010, the income tax generated $206,875.51, down $134,072.36, or about 39.3%, from January 2009.

Wide swings the first month of a new year are not unusual.

In January 2006, the tax brought in almost 38% more than in January 2005.

Revenue collected in January 2007 was down 29.4% compared to January 2006.

For the first month of 2008, tax revenue was up 24% from January 2007.

Collection was off by roughly 1.3% in January 2009 compared to January 2008.

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