Archbold, OH
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Mosquito Fogger Protects Citizens

Relief! At least there was some relief from the swarms of dangerous and pesky mosquitoes that overtook Archbold on Labor Day.

Some Archbold residents cheered when they heard the mosquito fogger on their street. The spraying is another valuable service offered by village taxpayers.

Next time you see a councilman, the village mayor, or a member of the street department, express your appreciation for the quick attention given to the nasty pest.

It is not a cheap service. It involves labor, materials, and close supervision.

Mosquitoes carry diseases. They bite humans and animals.

With the help of modern research, products are available to keep the insect controlled. Using a spray or lotion to prevent mosquitoes from biting is a welcome investment.

Kill the bug before it draws your blood. Prevent getting infected from a bite.

Our small town is fortunate to have the equipment, money and manpower to control the harmful insect.

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