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More Winners From The Fulton County Fair

Additional winners from the 2015 Fulton County Fair. Previous results from the junior fair were published in the Sept. 9 issue of the Archbold Buckeye.


Tyler Echler, Swanton, grand champion mare; Natalee Rose, Archbold, reserve champion mare; Addison Schliesser, Monclova, grand champion gelding; Jill Sonick, Delta, reserve champion mare.


Trent Coopshaw, Delta, grand champion mare; Carrie Arnold, Swanton, reserve champion mare; Mikaela Oyer-Franzdorf, Archbold, grand champion gelding; Keith Oyer, Archbold, reserve champion gelding.


Holsteins: Triple T Farm, Wauseon, junior champion female; Erin Clapp, Delta, junior reserve champion female; Martinline LLC, Fayette, senior champion female, grand champion female; Cottonwood Vale Registered Holsteins, Fayette, senior reserve champion female; reserve champion female, premier exhibitor award.

Jersey: Kira Andre, Wauseon, grand champion female.

Beef: Johnston Farms, Wauseon, grand champion male Shorthorn; Nathan Herr, Metamora, grand champion female Shorthorn, overall beef show champion female; Meyer Farms, Napoleon, grand champion female Angus, overall best of beef show champion male; Christina Norman, Wauseon, grand champion female Simmental, grand champion female Maine Anjou; Rick Coopshaw, Wauseon, grand champion male all other breeds; Aaron Brehm, Fayette, grand champion female all other breeds.


Tammy Tullar, Wayland, Mich., grand champion Lamanacha, reserve champion Lamanacha, grand champion recorded grade, reserve champion recorded grade; Jacque Stamm, West Unity, grand champion Nubian, reserve champion Nubian; Ruth Caplon, Tecumseh, Mich., grand champion Nigerian Dwarf, reserve champion Nigerian Dwarf; Paige Holdridge, Delta, grand champion Oberhasli, reserve champion Oberhasli.

Sheep Lead

Mallorie Strauss, Wauseon, overall best of show.


Julie Verheist, Swanton, grand champion Huacaya male; Peggy Curtis, Mt. Vernon, grand champion Huacaya female; Darlyn Shumaker, Marengo, grand champion Suri male, grand champion Suri female; Joy Bishop-Forshey, Wauseon, grand champion non-breeder; Denise Fehrenbach, Evert, Mich., youth grand champion performance, youth reserve champion performance, open grand champion performance.


Chip-N-Seal, Rushville, Ind., grand champion non-breeding llama, grand champion Suri female, grand champion medium wool female, grand champion medium wool male; Darlyn Shumaker, Marengo, grand champion Suri male; Joy Bishop- Forshey, Wauseon, grand champion light/classic female; Elaine Brovant, Michigantown, Ind., grand champion light classic male; Denise Fehrenbach, Evert, Mich., grand champion heavy wool female, grand champion heavy wool male.

Grand Champion Performance Champion: Denise Fehrenbach, Evert, Mich., junior; Taylor Pierce, Fort Wayne, Ind., intermediate; Sierra Ferris, Belleville, Mich., senior; Joseph Young, Decatur, Ind., novice, advance.


Laura Nafziger, Archbold, best overall agriculture display; Gari Ruth, Metamora, best display of canned goods.


Scott Jordon, Holgate, best tasting wine, professional-judges choice overall best of show.


Jim Fuller, Swanton, overall best of show.

Art Glass

Ellen Rubin, Sylvania, overall best of show.


Nancy W. Lee, Bowling Green, best of special class; Courtney Machaterre, Toledo, best of show doll; Karen Riches, Wauseon, best of show-senior; Catherine Snyder, Delta, best of show-junior; Margie Gillingham, Metamora, best of showprofessional; Tammy Lee, Wayne, overall best of show.


Beatrice O’Neil, Lyons, overall best of show; Katie Segrist, Delta, judges choice senior; Emma Yanny, Archbold, judges choice junior.

Fine Arts

Deb Helwig, Delta, overall best of show professional; Arika Zeiter, Holland, childrens art best of show; Susan Miller, Morenci, Mich., overall best of show senior; Jillian Speer, Swanton, overall best of show junior.


First show, senior: Cheryl Menard, Maumee, best of show roses, best of show miniature roses; Elfrieda Jewel, Swanton, best of show annual or perennial; Ralph Zimmerman, Delta, best of show gladiolus; Marlene Ward, Delta, best of show dahlia; Carol Lemle, Swanton, best of show artistic arrangement. Junior: Alyssa Heyerly, Monclova, best of show horticulture; Madison DeSantos, Delta, best of show artistic arrangement.

Second show, senior: Audrey Palumbo, Perrysburg, best of show roses; Cheryl Menard, Maumee, best of show miniature roses; Marlene Ward, Delta, best of show annual; Kathy Kuszmaul, Wauseon, best of show perennial; Ralph Zimmerman, Delta, best of show gladiolus; Karen Savage, Wauseon, best of show dahlia; Carol Lemle, Swanton, best of show artistic arrangement. Junior: Madison DeSantos, Delta, best of show horticulture.


John Laver, Swanton, overall best of show quilts & comforters; Mindy Bauer, Wausen, judges choice best senior entry; Zachary Lenz, Swanton, judges choice best junior entry; Pat Finnerty, Wauseon, overall best of show needlework; Rita Schuette, Wauseon, overall best of show. Judges choice honorable mention: Hoilyn McKibben, Delta; Hilary Opdycke, Fayette; Malinda Graber, Delta; Lisa Coffman, Napoleon; Joyce Mellott, Fayette; Renee Mungons, Toledo; Rita Schuette, Wauseon; Tammi Stillion, Fayette.


Karen Riches, Wauseon, overall best of show, best of show senior entry.


Martha Wyse, Archbold, overall best of show; Ellen Ingram, Toledo, judges choice best of show senior; Timothy Beerbower, Holland, judges choice best of show junior.

Tole & Decorative Arts

Beverly Biddix, Fayette, best of class senior; Ella Mishka, Swanton, best of show junior; Ann Schang, Fayette, best of show professional.


Ted Fisher, Wauseon, judges choice professional; Justin Lowry, Wauseon, judges choice senior; Hannah Speer, Swanton, judges choice junior.

Antique Tractor Show

Jeff Powers, Swanton, best restored antique tractor; Harry Schaechterle, Delta, best original tractor.


Brianna Catellano, Wauseon, overall winner women’s 3-point; Quenton Yoder, Hicksville overall winner men’s 3-point; Amber Faulhaber, Montpelier, overall winner women’s free throw; Daniel Blanton, Metamora, overall winner men’s free throw.

Tractor Operating Contest

Caleb Sager, Fayette, youth division; Austin Krieger, Wauseon, junior division; Shawn Krieger, Wauseon, senior division.

Demo Derby

James Retting, pickup truck class; Gary Cole, Jr., compact cars; Chris Mahlman, full-size cars.

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