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Money Issues Fill Ballot

When Archbold area voters go to the polls on May 3 for the spring primary election, they will find a ballot full of property tax levies.

Fulton County, The Village of Archbold, The Archbold Area School District, and German Township will have their hands out, looking for permission to levy taxes, and in one case, an additional tax.

Each entity has good reasons for asking for money, and each deserves public support.

Archbold Schools has the biggest request, 5.39 mills for five years to raise $1.1 million. School officials have proven they can stretch a dollar as far as possible, but they need more money to continue to provide an excellent education to the children of the district.

It is an uncertain time for school districts across the state. State support for schools will likely be cut, but at this point, no one knows how much.

Since taxpayers are currently paying 5.4 mills for the school levy, it won’t cost property owners any additional money.

Fulton County Commissioners are asking for a renewal of a twomill, five-year levy for operating the countywide paramedic service, but it’s a tax that may not cost residents two mills. The levy has already been reduced once, and another EMS levy was reduced to zero. The EMS system has been operating reliably and saving lives.

If you’re injured or ill, Fulton County EMS gives you the best chance at survival.

The Village of Archbold will ask voters to renew its 3.3-mill levy, but the levy has been on the books so long, and reduced so many times, it costs homeowners less than one mill.

Archbold Village Council has seen income tax collections drop signifi- cantly over the last four years, but has chosen not to make it up with more property tax. It would be diffi- cult to find a community that’s managed better.

German Township Trustees are asking for a new six-tenths (.6) of a mill, five-year levy to provide a new fire truck for the Archbold Fire Department. AFD officers want to replace a 30-year-old truck, and the one they have in mind should allow them to reduce their fleet.

These are hard economic times, and there is never a good time to ask for taxes. However, citizens looking to cut their tax bills should ask– what am I willing to do without?

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