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Miller Elected Sheriff; Barnaby Reelected County Commissioner

In the only two contested races in Fulton County, Paul Barnaby retained his seat on the board of commissioners and Roy Miller was elected county sheriff.

Both men, members of the Republican Party, handily won their races over non-partisan candidates in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 general election.

Barnaby defeated Becky Thatcher, 10,630 to 7,746.

Miller finished with an even wider margin of victory, 13,962 votes to challenger Keith Torbet’s total of 4,857.

“I’m very happy and glad Fulton County supported me in my quest to be Fulton County commissioner for another four years,” Barnaby said.

“The voters think I’m trying to do a good job representing their county.”

Barnaby said the term will be his last in office.

“I told my wife, and she agreed,” he said.

He said when the next term is complete, “I will be at the age that driving to things might not be so easy at night. I do have meetings to attend at night, and I said I would be a full-time commissioner.”

Miller said, “I’m obviously excited, and humbled. The vote total is overwhelming.

“I’m excited to go to work in January and do what I need to do.

Miller replaces Darrell Merillat, who was first elected sheriff in 1985 and has held the position since.

Miller said he believed voters chose him because of his 22 years of experience with the Fulton County Sheriff Department.

Torbet is chief of the Wauseon Police Department, but had served 15 years with FCSD as a corrections officer.

“I can hit the ground running,” Miller said.

Miller said even though he won the race there will be no problems working with Torbet in the future.

“I’ve known Keith since I’ve been in law enforcement, and he’s known me. He knows where I stand, and I know where he stands,” Miller said.

“In the future, you will see a lot more cooperation between departments.”

Local Questions

The Archbold Sunoco convenience store-gas station will not be able to sell beer on Sundays.

Voters in Precinct One, where the convenience store is located, refused a request for a special liquor permit allowing Sunday sales there. There were 320 votes cast in favor, and 393 against.

Franklin Township voters approved the renewal of a six-tenths (.6) of a mill, fiveyear levy for fire protection by a handy margin, 262 in favor to 80 opposed.

Voters in Gorham Township granted the Anchor Bay Carry Out & Pub a permit to sell spirituous liquor for on-premises consumption, and beer, wine, and mixed beverages for on-premises or carry-out.

The vote total was 239 in favor to 209 opposed.

However, voters denied Anchor Bay a permit to sell liquor on Sundays, 207 in favor to 240 opposed.

Voters in the village of Fayette were in a generous mood, passing both of the levy questions put before them.

The two-mill, five-year replacement levy for parks & recreation passed, 255 to 222.

The 2.9-mill, five-year replacement levy for current operation expenses passed, 257 to 217.

In the Village of Delta, voters approved an amendment to the village charter, setting the salaries of elected officials. The vote was 782 in favor to 608 opposed.

Metamora voters turned down a new half-mill (.5) levy for parks & recreation, 129 to 154.

Voter Turnout

Melanie Gilders, director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, said 71.6% of Fulton County’s 29,232 registered voters went to the polls Tuesday.

Gilders said she was pleased with the figure, adding it is in line with the voter turnout in the last presidential election in 2008.

“We kind of thought it could go up to 80%, but even with the provisionals, it won’t hit 80%,” she said.

Vote totals released Tuesday night are considered unofficial. The official count must be held by Nov. 27. The board had not set a date for the official count as of Tuesday night.

During the official count, the 592 provisional ballots cast in the county will be counted.

She said in Fulton County, there were no major glitches in the election.

Other Fulton County Results

State Representative: John Vanover 2,720; Lynn Wachtmann 3,567.

State Board of Education: Stanley Jackson 1,438; Ann Jacobs 3,093.

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-1-2013): Terrence O’Donnell 11,789; Mike Skindell 3,399.

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-2-2013): Robert Cupp 8,314; William O’Neill 6,481.

Justice of the Supreme Court (12-31-2014): Yvette Brown 3,944; Sharon Kennedy 10,703.

State Senator: Cliff Hite, 4,141.

County Commissioner (1- 2-2013): Bill Rufenacht 14,001.

Prosecuting Attorney: Scott Haselman 14,611.

Clerk of Court Common Pleas: Paul MacDonald 14,328.

County Recorder: Sandra Barber 14,756.

County Treasurer: Beverly Schlosser 15,236.

County Engineer: Frank Onweller 14,995.

County Coroner: Rick Yoder 15,137.

Judge of Court of Appeals: James Jensen 12,697.

Judge of the Fulton County Court: Jeffrey Robinson 13,228.

Henry County Vote Totals

President/Vice President: Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza 13; Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson 51; Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer 29; Gary Johnson/James Gray 166; Barack Obama/Joe Biden 5,513; Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan 8,111; Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala 54.

U.S. Senator: Sherrod Brown 5,321; Josh Mandel 7,591; Scott Rupert 810.

Representative to Congress: Eric Eberly 441; Bob Latta 8,827; Angela Zimmann 4,490.

State Representative: John Vanover 4,299; Lynn Wachtmann 8,785.

County Commissioner (1- 2-2013): Glenn Miller 8,043; Richard Myers 4,819.

County Sheriff: Michael Bodenbender 9,240; John Nye 4,220.

County Treasurer: Zachary Riley 5,584; Calvin Spiess 7,350.

State Board of Education: Stanley Jackson 3,152; Ann Jacobs 5,887.

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-1-2013): Terrence O’Donnell 7,792; Mike Skindell 2,419.

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-2-2013): Robert Cupp 5,664; William O’Neill 4,438.

Justice of the Supreme Court (12-31-2014): Yvette Brown 2,605; Sharon Kennedy 7,253.

State Issue 1: Yes 3,377; No 9,045.

State Issue 2: Yes 3,683; No 8,929.

Henry County Tax Renewal (senior citizen services): Yes 9,258; No 4,396.

Napoleon School Tax Levy: Yes 3,042; No 3,781.

State Senator: Cliff Hite, 8,819.

County Commissioner (1-3- 2013): Robert Hastedt 9,842.

County Auditor: Kevin Garringer 9,566.

Prosecuting Attorney: John Hanna 10,051.

Clerk of Court Common Pleas: Connie Schnitkey 9,561.

County Recorder: Sara Myles 9,215.

County Engineer: Timothy Schumm 9,099.

County Coroner: Marek Skoskiewicz 9,845.

Judge of Court of Appeals: John Willamowski 8,204.

Other Races

Lynn Wachtmann won reelection as the state representative for the 81st District, which includes Henry County.

He received 35,948 votes to John Vanover’s 16,841.

Randy Gardner won the 2nd District race for State Senator, which includes Fulton County. As of 1 a.m., Wednesday morning, Nov. 7, he had 99,889 votes to 70,413 for his opponent, Jeff Bretz.

Barbara Sears defeated Jeff Bunck to win the state representative race for the 47th District, which includes Fulton County. As of 1 a.m., Wednesday morning, she was leading Jeff Bunck 34,551 to 22,840.

Bob Latta was reelected representative to Congress in the 5th District. As of 1 a.m., Wednesday morning, he was leading Angela Zimmann 186,473 to 128,579. Eric Eberly also received 11,258 votes.

In the race for U.S. Senate, with 96 percent of precincts reported statewide, Sherrod

Brown had 2,600,323 votes. Josh Mandel had 2,327,539, and Scott Rupert had 236,054.

Barack Obama was leading Mitt Romney in the race for U.S. President as of 1 a.m., Wednesday morning. Obama had 2,650,468 votes to 2,545,630 for Romney.

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