Archbold, OH

Meet The Candidates

When Archbold voters go to the polls, Tuesday, Nov. 7, to select who will run their village, their township, and their school board, they will be presented with more choices than usual.

Many times in the past there has been one unopposed candidate.

With several candidates in each of these races, it may be difficult to determine who will be the best fit.

To help voters in making the decision, the Archbold Buckeye, in cooperation with the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, will present Meet The Candidates Night, Thursday, Oct. 12, 7 pm, in the Archbold High School auditorium.

Each candidate for Archbold Village Council, Archbold School Board, and German Township Trustees will get three minutes to introduce themselves and talk about their goals and objectives as an elected official.

A question-and-answer period follows the introductions, giving voters the chance to quiz the candidates on issues they care about.

Through forums like this, voters can learn more than they ever would from yard signs or social media posts. They can watch the individuals’ presentations and form their own opinions as to whether or not candidates are truly qualified for the jobs they seek.

Every election is important. With the issues facing our community today, this election is more important than most.

Be sure to attend Meet The Candidates Night. The future of our community is in your hands.

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