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March Unemployment Rate Declines Across Ohio



Unemployment in Fulton County, the four-county area, and the state dropped in March, according to the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.

Fulton County unemployment fell four-tenths (.4) of a percentage point, from 10% in February to 9.6%, ODJFS estimates said.

Defiance County had the lowest unemployment rate in the four-county area, at 8.5%.

Henry County had the largest drop in unemployment, but still had the highest unemployment rate in the four counties.

Unemployment fell in Henry County from 10.8% in February to 10.1% in March, a seven-tenths of a percentage point decline.

Henry County was the only county in the fourcounty area to have 10% or higher unemployment during March.

Williams County unemployment was 8.7%.

ODJFS estimated the Fulton County labor force was made up of 22,100 persons during March. The labor force figure was made up of 20,000 employed workers, and 2,100 people out of a job.

40 Months

Unemployment crossed over the 10% mark in Fulton County for the first time in many years in December 2008. In the past 40 months, unemployment has been 9.6% or below nine months.

It has been higher than 9.6% for 31 months, peaking at 16% in January 2010.

In the same 40-month period, the lowest unemployment rate was 7.6%, in November 2011.

Highest, Lowest

ODJFS estimates said Pike County had the highest unemployment in March at 14.7%.

Mercer County had the lowest at 4.9%.

ODJFS said Fulton County had the 23rd highest unemployment rate within the state.

State, Nation

All county unemployment data is not seasonally adjusted. Unadjusted unemployment rates for Ohio and the nation for March were 7.8% and 8.4%, respectively.

When seasonal adjustments are applied, the Ohio rate becomes 7.5% and the national rate is 8.2%.

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