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Many Hands Build Pettisville School

School buildings are about bricks, mortar, wood, and steel. They are about concrete and stone, paint and plaster.

But the stories behind buildings are about people, from those with callused hands who laid the bricks and erected the steel to the many hands of those who cast the ballots and made the building possible.

When the Pettisville Local School District dedicated its new school building, Sunday, May 6, it was recognition of those whose hands had a part in its construction.

The ceremony honored school administrators and state officials whose hard work changed Ohio law to make the building possible, as well as the voters who agreed to assume the burden of paying their share.

It recognized the many people who had a hand in the design, from putting lines on paper to contributing ideas and concepts. It also recognized those who did the construction, completing a $20 million building $2 million under budget.

The building has been open almost one full school year. Now the story is about people–from boys and girls with small hands who grasp pencils and carefully write their first letters, to boys and girls with slightly bigger hands tackling the challenges of fractions and common denominators, to those with bigger hands that will soon grasp PHS diplomas.

Congratulations, Pettisville, on your new school.

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