Archbold, OH

Making 100 Fun

Youngsters in the Archbold and Pettisville elementary schools recently completed 100 Day celebrations.

An annual event at both schools, 100 Day is designed to celebrate the 100th day of school, even if it doesn’t fall on the 100th day.

For both schools, 100 Day is about games, and projects, and fun. It’s a day away from the usual routine of classrooms, a chance to do new, different, exciting things.

But while students at Pettisville stack 100 cups, or Archbold students see if their aluminum foil boats will float with 100 pennies aboard, there is learning going on as well. Not sitting in-seats, rote-memory kind of learning, but hands-on, active, involved learning. The lessons range from math, to writing, to art, and even rudimentary engineering and naval architecture.

Putting on 100 Day requires extra work on the part of teachers, help from volunteers, and the support of school administrators. It would be much easier for teachers to park students at their desks and have them grind through math problems one after another.

Instead, everyone involved went to extra effort to make 100 Day special, and we commend them for it.

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