Archbold, OH

Mailbox Is Vandal Target

A mailbox on Clyde’s Way was the apparent victim of vandals, Sunday morning, Jan. 11.

The Archbold police report states a Fulton County deputy sheriff was investigating mailbox vandalism cases in the area, when he discovered a mailbox owned by Stanwyn Short, 109 Clyde’s Way, had been damaged.

An Archbold officer observed that the mailbox had been completely knocked off its post, and struck by a blunt object.

There were footprints in the snow around the mailbox, which was valued at $25.

In an unrelated case, Darrell and Sheila Schultz, 815 West Street, Apartment B, reported hearing a loud noise, as if something struck the roof of their residence, at about 11 pm, Saturday, Jan. 3.

The following morning, two empty beer bottles were found in their back yard.

No damage.

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