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Lucas County Bed Space Request Denied

The Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio denied a request from Lucas County for additional bed space in the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

The decision came during the CCNO Wednesday, Oct. 25 meeting.

Pete Gerken, Lucas County commissioner, asked the 275-bed allocation to Lucas County be increased to 325 for 2018.

The Commission turned down the request on an 8-2 vote.

One reason cited by Commission members for denying the request was Lucas County repeatedly postponed the bed allocation process.

The CCNO operating agreement calls for allocating set numbers of beds to each participating jurisdiction in July.

The Commission accommodated the request from Lucas County representatives by delaying the allocation until Oct. 4. At that time, Lucas County agreed to 275 beds.

Lucas County did not present its additional 50- bed request until the Oct. 25 meeting.

The request came after CCNO worked out an agreement with the United States Marshal Service for bed space.


Dennis Sullivan, director of security and operations at CCNO, told the Commission the beds became available following a special meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 4.

He said the empty beds amounted to a loss of revenue of $550,000, as well as potential cutbacks and staff layoffs.

Sullivan said he did not want a repeat of what happened in the summer of 2016, when the city of Toledo pulled out of CCNO.

To avoid that kind of situation, the CCNO administration was able to secure an agreement with the Marshal Service to reserve the available bed space at a rental rate of $90 per day. Regular CCNO member jurisdictions are charged $69.42 per day.

Jim Dennis, executive director of the Commission, said for the near future, the Marshal Service will be more stable and will routinely fill more beds.

Pull Out

When the city of Toledo left CCNO, it left the Commission with a $1.3-million budget deficit to manage in 2016.

In the past, Lucas County has served notice to the Commission that it is going to leave the regional jail, as well. In July, Lucas County representatives told the Commission they were putting a bond issue on the Nov. 7 General Election ballot in Lucas County to construct a new jail.

The bond issue question has since been withdrawn from the ballot.

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