Archbold, OH

Lowell Geringer Named Resident Of Month

Lowell Geringer is the April Resident of the Month at Fairlawn Haven, Archbold.

He was born Aug. 23, 1919, to Lawrence and Laura Geringer. He graduated from Wauseon High School in 1937.

Lowell wanted to go to college, but his parents wanted him to help on the farm. Therefore, he was a farmer for his entire life before coming to Fairlawn Haven in November 2009.

Lowell raised a lot of livestock over the years. In 1980, he won an award from the Holstein Friesian Association. In 1987, he was inducted into the Fulton County Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Lowell married Mary Alice Clingaman. They had four children: David, Lynn, Marsha and Janice. He attended Zion United Methodist Church.

Lowell has always enjoyed reading and still reads books and newspapers daily, and he watches a lot of television.

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