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Lockport Team Wins Bible Quiz In Double Overtime

The Bible Quiz crowd at Central Mennonite Church on Sunday, March 22, had all the excitement it could ask for as 12 teams competed in tournament style quizzing.

In the final matches, Lockport 1 and the season winner, Endures from Sand Ridge, quizzed in two down-to-the-wire matches, with the final match won by Lockport in double overtime.

To reach the final matches, Lockport came from behind to outscore The Big Inning from Central, who finished third.

Lockport 1 team members: Eliot and Seth Nofziger, Kristi Frank, Wesley Short, and Luke Graber.

Second-place Endures team members: Collin, Whitney and Alexis Stamm, McKenna Rash, April and Melissa Short.

The Big Inning team members: Caleb McQuillin, John and Paul and Luke Schoenhals, Alex Bilen and London Smith.

In the preliminary rounds, three groups of four teams quizzed off. Going undefeated with two wins, the three bracket winners were The Big Inning, Babel On from West Clinton, and Descendants of Abraham from St John’s Christian Church.

In the Noah’s Bracket, made up of the first six teams that fell out of the double-elimination tournament, Forbidden Fruits from West Clinton, the area’s all-junior high team, won with Lockport 2 second.

All 12 teams won at least one match Sunday.

Archbold High School is the site of a 79-team tournament, March 28-29, as the Archbold area hosts teams from two other Ohio areas along with teams from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Quizzing starts Saturday at 8:30 a.m., with the final matches at 7:30 p.m.

A Sunday morning worship service, including the final quiz matches, will be held in the AHS gym at 9 a.m. Sunday. It is open to everyone. nwobiblequiz.

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