Archbold, OH

Lock Your Vehicle!

Tires Cut, Unlocked Vehicles Entered

Leo Wixom III, Archbold police chief, said two vehicles were vandalized, and others were ransacked sometime during the night of Sunday, March 3 and the early morning hours of Monday, March 4.

All reports were filed on March 4.


The worst damage was suffered by vehicles owned by Todd Grisier, 59, 303 Stryker St.

Grisier told officers at 2:26 pm, six tires on two vehicles and a trailer had been punctured. The doors to the trailer were open, but nothing appeared to be missing.

Total damage was estimated to be $650.

Nicole Stough, 29, 103 Franklin Street, told police at 6:49 am someone entered her unlocked vehicle and took items, including a global positioning system unit and a SIM card for a mobile phone. All told, the loss was $415.

Julie A. Bethel, 51, rural Alvordton, told police at 8:20 am, someone attempted to get into vehicles parked at 301 Ditto St. One vehicle was found unlocked, and the door was left open. Nothing was reported missing.

Natalie Marie Vasquez, 54, 206 Stryker St., told police at 3:46 pm, someone entered her vehicle overnight. The vehicle was unlocked. Nothing was taken.

Lock Your Vehicle

There are ways to avoid having thieves steal from your vehicle, Wixom said.

First and foremost: Lock it.

“We live in a great community, but these types of crimes are crimes of opportunity,” he said.

There were several places where footprints in the snow showed the thieves walked up to a vehicle, and after finding the doors locked, moved on, Wixom said.

For those who don’t want to lock their autos, take out all valuables.

But he admitted he would rather see autos locked.

If there are lights that come on at night, park near them. Many attempts to enter vehicles were made in an alley “where it’s nice and dark,” he said.

If you observe people acting suspiciously– out in an alley late at night, trying to avoid being seen, etc.– call the police.

Wixom said officers would rather check situations that turn out to be nothing than hear later that thieves got away because someone saw them, but didn’t call.

Other than footprints in the snow, Wixom said there are no leads in the case, but officers continue their investigation.

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