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Lock Your Doors

At one time Archbold was a quiet little community, where most everyone knew everyone, and doors were seldom locked. People often left the keys in their car. Bicycles and other toys were safe outside.

Such days are gone. Thieves lurk within the community. They grab fancy car stereos, and recently, stepped up to home invasion.

Residents should lock their doors and windows.

Martin Schmidt, Archbold Police chief, says thieves are opportunists. They look for unlocked car doors and open houses. They haven’t shown a willingness to force their way in, relying instead on easy pickings.

If a thief tries your door and finds it locked, odds are he won’t try to break in. He will move on.

When you see something suspicious, call the police. It may be nothing, but it might be the tip that leads to an arrest.

Be safe. Lock everything.

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