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Local Youth Winners In Junior Fair Judging

Payton Moyer, son of Andrew & Jacki, Archbold, showed the grand champion overall hog; Justin Nofziger, son of Greg and Jodi, Wauseon, showed the grand champion steer; and Adriane Bruner, daughter of Mark and Jane, Wauseon, showed the grand champion born and raised steer at the 2013 Fulton County Junior Fair.

Moyer also had the barrow champion heavyweight hog, while Nofziger was the beef steers showmanship winner for ages 14-15.

They were among several youths who brought home junior fair ribbons or trophies (includes parents’ names):

•Adam Kinsman, Rodney and Joyce, Archbold; reserve champion overall hog; gilt champion heavyweight hog, barrow reserve champion lightweight hog; reserve champion steer; hogs showmanship 13.

•Karsyn Hostetler, Jeryl & Jill, Archbold, gilt champion lightweight hog; hogs showmanship 9.

•Mason Creager, Todd & Patti, Wauseon, gilt reserve champion lightweight hog; hogs showmanship 14; outstanding swine exhibitor; swine skillathon intermediate division winner.

•Lauren Stuckey, Shawn Stuckey and Tracy Thompson, Archbold, gilt champion middleweight hog.

•McKayla Clymer, Byron & Maurine, Wauseon, gilt champion middleweight hog.

•Addison Moyer, Andrew & Jacki, Archbold, gilt reserve champion heavyweight hog; hogs showmanship 8.

•Drake Banister, Chad & Kris, Wauseon, barrow champion lightweight hog.

•Addisyn Bentley, Trent & Angelique, West Unity, barrow champion middleweight hog; hogs showmanship 10.

•Roman Dominique, Trent & Angelique, West Unity, barrow reserve champion middleweight hog.

•Madison Gigax, Lindsey & Ryan, Archbold, barrow reserve champion heavyweight hog; hogs showmanship 11.

•Garrett Cass, Dave & Krissy, Delta, hogs senior showmanship 17 & older.

•Dustin Nofziger, Jeff & Cathy, Wauseon, hogs showmanship 16.

•Elizabeth Grieser, Tim & Carrie, Wauseon, hogs showmanship 15; swine skillathon senior division winner.

•Taylor Smith, Steven & Nancy, Lyons, hogs showmanship 12.

•Eli Warncke, Todd & Amy, Wauseon, swine skillathon junior division winner.

•Allison Cuff, Jeff and Dodie, Fayette, dairy steer showmanship 15 & older.

•Ashtyn Mathews, Amanda, Morenci, Mich., dairy steer showmanship 14 & under; reserve champion dairy steer.

•Olivia Banister, Troy & Jen, Wauseon, grand champion dairy steer; reserve champion dairy feeder calf; dairy feeder calves showmanship 14.

•Samantha Norman, Roy & Anna, Wauseon, reserve champion born & raised steer; beef breeding showmanship 15 & older.

•Aaron Bruner, Mark & Jane, Wauseon, beef steer showmanship 16 & older.

•Lynnsey Crouch, Kim & Jeremy, Wauseon, beef steers showmanship 13 & under; beef breeding showmanship 12-14.

•Joel Smith, Jason & Lynnette, Archbold, dairy feeder showmanship 15 & older.

•Caleb Sager, Stephanie & Mike, Fayette, dairy feeder (Continued from first page) showmanship 11-12; beef feeder calves showmanship 11-14.

•Logan Rufenacht, Brad & Tina, Archbold, dairy feeder showmanship 11-12.

•Jaden Banister, Troy & Jen, Wauseon, dairy feeder showmanship 10 & under.

•Casey Gombash, Dick & Peggy, Swanton, grand champion dairy feeder calf.

•Demi Powers, Ryan & Amy, Fayette; beef feeder calves showmanship winner 15 & older; grand champion beef feeder; grand champion beef breeding.

•Raven Brehm, Ryan & Amy, Fayette, beef feeder calves showmanship 10 & under.

•Rylee Ruger, Steve & Julia, Fayette, reserve champion beef feeder.

•Sydney Borton, Stacie & Ken, & Shawn Borton, Fayette, beef breeding showmanship 11 & under.

•Taylor West-Brehm, Mark & Christina, Fayette, reserve champion beef breeding.

•Tori Kreiner, Kevin & Amy, Wauseon, rabbits showmanship 17 & older.

•Emily Smith, Joe & Tina, Metamora, rabbits showmanship 16.

•Kylee Hines, Curtis & Marcene, Delta, rabbits showmanship 15.

•Mikayla Russell, Richard, Wauseon, rabbits showmanship 14.

•Sierra Tripp, Judy, Swanton, rabbits showmanship 13.

•Christian Renner, Kevin & Sheri, Fayette, rabbits showmanship 12.

•Cassidy Vanderveer, Katrina & Shawn, Wauseon, rabbits showmanship 11.

•Briley Rupp, Debbie, Wauseon, rabbits showmanship 10; reserve champion breed rabbit.

•Brodie Vanderveer, Ka- trina & Shawn, Wauseon, rabbits showmanship 9.

• Taylor Boger, Josh & Heather, Pettisville, rabbits showmanship 8.

•McKenzie Eberly, Kim Griner, Wauseon, grand champion market rabbitfryer.

•Ellie Oyer, Jared & Kylee, Wauseon, reserve champion market rabbitfryer.

•Nicholas Matzwowski, Jennifer & Jeff, Delta, grand champion market rabbitroaster.

•Kylie Sauder, Lindy & Lucas, Archbold, reserve champion market rabbitroaster.

•Kailey Kruse, Jack & Peggy, Wauseon, grand champion breed rabbit.

(Note: More junior fair results are included in future issues of the Archbold Buckeye.)

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