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Local Woman Has Different Take On Loss Of Employer

A company not locating 500 jobs in Archbold because of the possible mandating of paid sick days?

“It’s a crock,” Carol Perkins, Archbold, said last week.

“This company is using this as leverage.”

If the firm really did drop Archbold because of the Ohio Healthy Families Act, the paid sick days proposal, “Archbold doesn’t need them. Archbold doesn’t need a company that doesn’t care for its workers.”

She said she does not know the identity of the unnamed company.

“I have no idea, and I don’t care. We don’t need them. We need to look for a company with a better type of work environment.”


Perkins is a member of the United Auto Workers union, Local 1181, out of the Fayette TRW plant, which manufactures brake rotors. She is also a member of the Defiance Area Labor Council.

The Ohio Healthy Families Coalition, a group of individuals and organizations, is gathering signatures for an initiative petition. If they gather enough signatures, Ohio voters will have a chance to vote on the OHFA, a proposal that would mandate employers with 25 or more workers give fulltime employees seven paid sick days a year. Part-time workers would earn a pro-rated number of sick days.

Perkins said she actually doesn’t have paid sick days at TRW, “but I’m okay with that, because I’m making a larger amount of money.

“But someone making $8 an hour really can’t afford to take a day off, no matter how sick they are.”

Perkins said anyone working in a gas station-convenience store as a sales clerk, or a restaurant, particularly fast food restaurants where there’s no tipping, could find themselves financially unable to be sick.

She contends that workers are at their jobs, making money for businesses- they should have some benefits.

“Priorities need to switch” from maximizing company profits to providing benefits for workers.


One of the objections of the business community is the OHFA will impose additional paperwork.

Business operators will be forced to keep additional records on the number of sick days an employee has earned or used.

“Yes, there will be more paperwork,” Perkins said.

“But they’re doing that for upper management anyhow.

“Honestly, I don’t see the validity” of the paperwork argument, she said.

“A happy worker is a more productive worker. The longer you have someone on the job, the better they are at what they do,” she said.


In the meantime, “Ohioans to Protect Jobs and Fair Benefi ts” announced the formation of a campaign committee to fight the mandated sick days proposal.

The group labels the Healthy Families Act “a job killer that threatens Ohio’s economy at a time when it’s already reeling.”

John C. Mahaney, Jr., group treasurer, said in a press release, “Few people are against sick leave. But Ohio’s struggling businesses, particularly small business, can’t withstand provisions in this proposal that threaten pay, benefits, and jobs.”

The group promises “a vigorous grassroots campaign in all 88 Ohio counties to defeat the proposal in November.”


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