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Local Students Join Order Of The Engineer

Aaron Bruner, Wauseon, and Nicholas Cassidy, Archbold, were among 49 seniors in the Trine University, Angola, Ind., Allen School of Engineering & Technology who were inducted into the Order of the Engineer during a May 4 ceremony.

The ring ceremony is the public induction of candidates into the Order of the Engineer, a fellowship of engineers who are trained in science and technology and dedicated to the practice, teaching or administration of their profession.

During the ceremony, engineering students are invited to accept the Obligation of the Engineer and a stainless steel ring is placed on the smallest finger of the working hand.

The obligation is a formal statement of an engineer’s responsibilities to the public and to the profession.

Both the order and the obligation serve to stimulate public recognition by engineers of two basic principles: that the primary purpose of the engineering profession is the protection of the public health, safety and welfare; and that all members of the engineering profession share a common bond.

Each pledge was asked to come forward when his name was read. Then each pledge placed his working hand through the 12-inch diameter opening of a ceremonial stainless steel ring and a ring was placed on the pinky finger.

Bruner, PHS ‘12 and the son of Mark and Jane, is majoring in mechanical engineering.

Cassidy, AHS ‘12 and son of Hal and Cyndi, is majoring in chemical engineering.

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