Archbold, OH

Local Shepherd’s Circle Is Subject Of Documentary

The Archbold Shepherd’s Circle “is a real strong message of hope.”

That’s what Robert Keith, of the 24K Media Group, Akron, said last month about the documentary film project he is preparing about Shepherd’s Circle.

Shepherd’s Circle is a faithbased program founded by Cecily Rohrs, Ridgeville Corners, that pairs persons who have diffi culty making good decisions, about anything from money to life in general, with those who have been successful.

Those in need of help become “sheep.” The mentor, who receives five hours of training, becomes the “Shepherd.”

Working together, often at the kitchen table, the shepherd works with the sheep, showing them how to handle their money and how to make good life choices.

Queen Bee

Barb Lemire, of Queen Bee Productions, also of Akron, said she first met Rohrs when Rohrs spoke at a women’s group meeting in Cuyahoga Falls.

Lemire and Keith had worked together in community theater.

He had just finished a “fun” film project that was purchased by the Public Broadcast System. Now, he was looking a serious project.

“Barb and I both consider ourselves social activists,” Keith said.

“I wanted to tell a story, that to me, made a difference,” he said.

When Lemire told him about Shepard’s Circle, he jumped at the opportunity.

Lemire, Keith, and Steve Pallotta, also of 24K Media, came to Archbold and had their first interviews with people involved in the program.

“When we left after that first visit, we thought we had enough material for four or five films,” Keith said.

Tough Times

Keith said these are tough economic times.

“People are uneasy about holding onto their jobs, their lifestyles,” he said.

Shepherd’s Circle is providing hope to those who’ve been locked in generations of poverty, or to those who have just gotten out of prison.

Keith and Lemire pointed out that people from different cultures are accepted in Archbold, a small town that is almost entirely Caucasian.

Lemire said it was her hope that the Shepherd’s Circle concept could be expanded to other communities, including urban areas.

But could Shepherd’s Circle work in an urban area? Lemire said a larger community is broken down into small pockets of smaller communities, such as neighborhoods.

Documentary Process

Keith said it would take six months to a year to go from concept to completed film.

It won’t be just a film filled with talking heads, as Keith put it.

While there will be interviews, there will be “cutaways” to illustrate what is being discussed in the interviews, such as someone at work, and someone else taking a child to school.

There won’t be a lot of shaky, handheld camera shots.

“We’re known for our high production values,” Keith said.

The most critical part of the documentary, Keith said, is that the film must tell the truth.

“In our quest for the truth, in order to show what we’ve learned, we must verify, we must do the research, and we have to validate,” he said.

Once the documentary is completed, Keith said it would be shown at film festivals across the nation, looking for someone to buy it.

“We think this is a story that needs to be told,” Lemire said.

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