Archbold, OH

Local Man Is Person Of Interest In Reported Scam Case

Martin Schmidt, Archbold police chief, called a local man "a person of interest" in an alleged Internet scam case originating in Pennsylvania.

Schmidt said the case is still under investigation. No charges have been filed.

He said Archbold police offi- cers were contacted by the East Pikeland Township (Pa.) Police Department, Sunday, Jan. 31.

The Pennsylvania officers said a man in their jurisdiction sent a $3,000 money-gram to the male subject in Archbold.

Officers have spoken with the local man, Schmidt said.

The Pennsylvania man told officers there he had sent the money to a woman he had met over the Internet, who had told him she was in desperate need.

Schmidt said in scam cases with circumstances similar to this, the victim is told to send the money to a second person, who is then directed to keep a portion for themselves and forward the remainder to a third person.

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