Archbold, OH

Local Issues On Nov. 6 Ballot

When Fulton County voters go to the polls on Nov. 6 for the general election, they will face some local ballot questions.

Voters in Archbold’s Precinct One are asked to decide whether to allow Archbold Sunoco, a gas station-convenience store, to sell beer on Sundays from 10 am until midnight.

Under Ohio law, only voters in the precinct where the store is located cast ballots on the issue.

The boundaries of Precinct One roughly include the east half of the village north of Miller Ave.

Franklin Township Trustees are asking their voters to renew a six-tenths (.6) of a mill levy to provide for fire apparatus, the payment of firefighting companies, and provide emergency medical service to the township.

First approved by voters in 2007, the levy collects about $7,909 each year. As a renewal, the levy is not allowed to raise more money as property values appreciate.

To reduce the amount levies collect, the millage charged to taxpayers is reduced; this reduced amount is called the effective millage. The effective millage of the Franklin Township fire levy is .417948 mills.

For the owner of a $100,000 home, the levy adds $12.80 per year to the tax bill.

Unless renewed or replaced, the levy, if approved by voters, will remain on the books for five years.


The Village of Fayette is asking its voters to approve two replacement levies, one for current expenses, and a second for parks & recreation.

As replacement levies, the levies “reset” to current property values. The millage is not reduced to allow for appreciation in property values.

The current operating expenses levy replaces 2.9 mills. First passed in 1976, it currently brings in $16,273 yearly. If the replacement passes, it will raise $37,403. It will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $88.81 per year.

If approved, it will be assessed for five years.

The parks and recreation levy is a two-mill levy. It was first passed in 1998, and currently generates $20,173 each year in revenue. If voters pass the renewal, it will bring $25,795 into village coffers.

It is also a five-year levy.

Other Alcohol Questions

Voters in two other Fulton County precincts are asked to approve questions of Sunday alcohol sales.

Voters in the Gorham Township precinct have two questions involving the sale of alcohol.

The first asks voters to allow the Anchor Bay Carry Out & Pub to have a D-5 Ohio liquor permit.

A D-5 permit allows the firm to offer spirituous liquor for on-premises consumption only, beer, wine and mixed beverages for sale on premises, or off premises in original sealed containers, until 2:30 am.

The second asks voters to allow the business to sell liquor on Sundays between 11 am and midnight.

In Wauseon Precinct Three, voters will decide whether Sullivan’s Restaurant will be allowed to sell beer, wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquors on Sunday between 11 am and midnight.

Other Issues

In the Village of Delta, voters are asked to approve an amendment to the community charter. The amendment sets the salaries of elected officials.

In Metamora, voters are asked to approve a half-mill (.5) additional tax levy for parks & recreation.

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