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Local Girl Wants Sidewalk Built To Archbold Hospital

Bailey Grieser

Bailey Grieser

Anyone who thinks Archbold village councilmen don’t consider letters from constituents should talk to Bailey Grieser.

The 11-yearold Archbold girl, the daughter of Pete and Rachel, sent a letter to Kenny Cowell, councilman, about the need for a sidewalk along Stryker Street extending to the Archbold Hospital.

Cowell introduced the letter at the Monday night, April 7, council meeting.

Cowell said Grieser said in her letter there is no safe sidewalk along Stryker Street.

“She wondered if we could look into it,” Cowell said.

Melanie Nagel, assistant village administrator, concurred. She noted that she and her husband had driven the block-anda half from their home to the hospital, rather than walk.

Really Busy

Grieser said she had thought about writing council for some time.

“Sometimes my mom and I would walk to the hospital and back, but Stryker Street is really busy, so we stopped,” she said.

They had tried walking along the side of the road, but found it unsafe.

“In school, we had the opportunity to write business letters, so I decided this would be a good opportunity” to bring the concern to council.

She is a student of Shannon Schmucker, Archbold Middle School fifth grade teacher.

First, she said she handwrote the letter. Then Grieser typed it on a computer before sending it via U.S. mail.

She said she sent the letter to Cowell, because he’s the only councilman her family knows.

“I think it’s neat that she typed a letter,” Cowell said.


It may be a while before Grieser gets her wish.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said that a sidewalk along Stryker Street “is not a simple project.”

He said the question was considered by the streets and sidewalks committee, and because construction was so diffi- cult, it was decided to wait until Stryker Street undergoes a full rebuild.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said there are several places where a sidewalk would interfere with underground utilities, also in places along the north side of the street, parking lots are lower than the surface of the road.

Cowell suggested the streets and sidewalks committee look at the issue to see if sidewalk construction is feasible, or if the project needs to wait until the street is rebuilt. – David Pugh

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