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Local Firm Wins Street Bid By .13%

Miller Bros. Construction, Archbold, was the winning bidder for the reconstruction of streets in the Lugbill Addition at the Monday, May 6 council meeting.

The winning bid was $679,042.50, just $855 less than the $679,897.50 bid of Lingvai Excavating, Bryan. There were only two bids.

The difference is .13%, or 13 one-hundredths of a percentage point.

Both firms were under the engineer’s estimate of $682,000. The Miller Bros. bid was $2,967.50, or about .43%, less.


The project will see three streets in the neighborhood rebuilt. The streets will be 24 feet wide, with curbs and gutters.

Lindau Street will be rebuilt from Short-Buehrer Road to Schlatter Street.

West Lugbill Road will be rebuilt from Buehrer Street to 150 feet west of Lindau Street.

Schlatter Street will be rebuilt at the Lindau Street intersection.

There will be new concrete driveway approaches built, along with concrete pavement for perpendicular parking at Zion Mennonite Church.

Plans currently call for new sidewalks on each side of Lindau Street, and from West Lugbill Road east of Lindau Street.


New storm sewers will be built on West Lugbill Road, ranging in size from 12 to 21 inches.

Houses on Lindau Street that do not presently have storm sewer taps will have taps available.

A sanitary sewer line at the Lindau Street-West Lugbill Road intersection will be repaired.

There will be a new waterline under Lindau, from West Lugbill Road to Schlatter Street. Waterlines in alleys will be abandoned.

Houses that presently receive water from the alleys will have new service lines installed from the back of the houses to the street.

During construction, a temporary road built at the western end of the project will be used to allow some Schlatter Street residents vehicle access to their homes.

Public Information

There will be a public information session, Monday, May 13, 5-6:30 pm, at the Archbold council chambers.

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