Archbold, OH

Living Up To Our Reputation

Of the thousands and thousands of visitors who come to our community, 99% always say what a beautiful community we have, filled with neat and tidy homes; clean, efficient businesses; well-kept farms, and a beautiful downtown.

The other 1% would complain to St. Peter that there’s dust on the gates of Heaven.

Archbold earned the reputation over 100 years ago; it wasn’t just recently bestowed upon us. Archbold residents are known for spending hours tending flower gardens, keeping yards mowed and trimmed and sidewalks free of grass clippings and other debris, and fixing and repairing the dozens of little things around the house that need attention.

Fertilizer here. Paint there. Tending to weeds and dandelions. Picking up the trash that blows through the yard. All of the little things add up to an attractive beautiful place to reside.

The time and effort protects what, for most, is their most valuable, lifelong asset, their homes.

Of course, everyone is busy today, spending more time at work and daily activities.

But the days are becoming longer. There is time before the sun sets to spend pleasant hours outdoors. Getting children involved is a good way to enjoy quality family time together. It’s a great way to instill a positive work ethic in youngsters.

And of course, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a home and yard turned into a fabulous property, and knowing it was you who did the work.

Do your part to help Archbold maintain our reputation. It’s good for our community, and for you.

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