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Lincoln Street Project Passes Completion Date

The North Lincoln Street construction project is past its Saturday, Sept. 1, completion date, and the company, Brooks Contracting, Inc., Perrysburg, will probably have to pay a penalty for missing the deadline.

Exactly how much of a penalty hasn’t been determined, Bob Seaman, Archbold village engineer, said Tuesday.

“We will have to evaluate what happened. They’ve had a little bit of a delay, because Toledo Edison has to relocate some utility poles on East Williams Street.

“That was supposed to happen about two weeks ago, but then we had some storm damage. Edison crews were obligated to repair storm damage first,” Seaman said. Some Edison crews traveled as far away as Chicago to repair the power distribution system there.

A crew arrived last week and began relocating the poles.

“The poles were right in the curb line, so they had to be moved,” he said.

But it’s not that simple. In addition to TE, crews from Embarq, the village telephone service provider, and cable television companies Time Warner and RTEC also have cables to move.

“We hope that coordination happens in a timely fashion,” Seaman said.

Brooks Contracting can’t be penalized for delays caused by other companies, Seaman said.

In addition to delays caused by other companies, There was about a week of weather-related delays.

“We had a week where we had a couple of drops of rain,” Seaman said, jokingly.

During that time, “some work was done, but not much.”


However, Seaman said there was a long period when Brooks crews could have been working on the Archbold Project, but were on other jobs.

Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, brought in crews to install new waterlines as a subcontractor to Brooks. Their work was completed weeks ago.

“There was not any activity (on the Archbold project) there for awhile,” Seaman said.

Seaman said village officials will have to determine what delays can be directly related to Brooks’ work schedule, before penalties, known in the construction industry as “liquid d amages,” can be assessed.


Seaman said workers have completed the underground construction on North Lincoln Street, have excavated the old roadbed down to the sub-soil level, and began putting down four inches of stone for the street sub-base last week.

This week, another four inches of stone will be laid.

In the meantime, crews are wrapping up underground work on East Williams Street, as the utility poles are relocated. That work should be completed today, Wednesday, Sept. 5, Seaman said.

Once contractors get to the road-building phase, things begin to move quickly, he said. – David Pugh

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