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Light Poles A Safety Hazard, But Not Biggest Problem

The four light poles at the Archbold High School football stadium will be coming down soon, because they are a safety hazard.

Apparently, a problem in the manufacturing of the 100-foot galvanized steel towers, that could each weigh as much as four tons, might topple. They could damage the stadium or the high school building. They could kill someone.

School district officials don’t know how fast they can get replacement poles in place. As a result, traditional Friday night football games may be moved to another field (Spengler Field is still available!) or even played on a Saturday during daylight.

While it’s a bad situation, in reality, it is no more than an expensive inconvenience.

Archbold, and the rest of the nation, have bigger problems, from local unemployment to American troops in two armed conflicts in the Middle East. Rising health care costs, the shaky international economy, the biggest oil spill in American history– all are bigger problems than whether or not we can watch football on Friday nights.

The light poles are a problem, and our school officials are dealing with it.

But, they’re not the worst problem in the world.

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