Archbold, OH

Light At The End Of Library Tunnel

For the Archbold Community Library fiscal situation, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The library has had to deal with declining revenue as state support has fallen.

Joyce Klingelsmith, director, told board members, at a Wednesday, Oct. 14, meeting, she had heard that while funding will be difficult throughout 2010, there may be some relief in the second half of 2011 when the state enacts its next two-year biannual budget.

State support money for Ohio public libraries is based on 2.2% of the state’s general tax revenue. But after the economy faltered in late 2008, library funding was decreased 20%.

Klingelsmith said in 2008, Archbold Community Library received $271,445.83 from the state. After the 20% reduction, the library is expected to receive $221,897.52 in 2009. The loss in revenue is estimated to be $49,548.32.

From January through October, 2009, the library has received $190,990.62.

The final loss of revenue “will be pretty close” to 20%, Klingelsmith said.

The board already has been told to expect another 10% cut in state support for 2010. That means the library will lose an additional estimated $20,000 in state support for that year, reducing total state support to about $201,000.

Voters in the Archbold Area School District approved a property tax levy for the library in May 2009, which increased levy revenue by about $60,000, roughly equal to the loss of state revenue.

But additional dollars from the levy won’t begin to flow in until spring of 2010.


Klingelsmith told board members a table had been set up at the library, allowing the public to donate books and other items for the children’s programs.

Klingelsmith said seven books had been donated, along with all the refreshments for coming programs.

Visitors, Circulation

Klingelsmith told board members the circulation re- port reflects the effects of reduced hours of operation.

Earlier this year, the library board opted to close Fridays, Sundays, and Wednesday evenings to reduce expenses.

In the September circulation report, the total number of visitors was down, from 7,875 in September 2008 to 5,605 in September 2009. That is a decline of 2,269 patrons, or about 29%.

Total items circulated in September 2009 were 9,901, down from 11,732 in September 2008. That’s a decline of 1,831, or 15.6%.

Klingelsmith said while the monthly figures are off, daily figures are way up.

“We’re much busier during the day. We have fewer people total, but our daily total has increased. People are coming in,” she said.

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