Archbold, OH

Library Still Looking Into Young Teen Area

Archbold Community Library officials are working with Library Design Associates, Powell, to develop a space for young teenagers and “tweens.”

Tweens are youngsters between the ages of 10 and 12.

During the Wednesday, Oct. 10 meeting of the Archbold Community Library Board, Joyce Klingelsmith, library director, said she had met with a representative of LDA.

She said the representative provided some ideas of how to rearrange the library to create the space.

In response to a question from John Bamonte, a board member, Klingelsmith said the company representative “had two or three different ideas. One was not feasible because of the wiring for the lights in our shelves.”

The proposals involve moving and rearranging things in the library.

“It will mean some of our furniture won’t be able to be reused,” she said.

She said that some displays are past their usefulness.

Today, she said, libraries are displaying their books the same way bookstores do.

The library has rotating displays that were originally purchased for youth paperback books and books on tape.

Today, the library doesn’t stock books on tape, and young adults prefer hardback books.

Klingelsmith said at this point, there is no budget figure for the project and the company is “still tweaking ideas.”

She said she hoped to have an idea of costs by the December board meeting, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 7 pm, at the library.


Jay Budde, a board member, said the board’s personnel committee met to discuss writing job descriptions for the library director and fiscal officer, create evaluation processes for the two positions, and create an employment agreement.

Currently, both positions are employed on a year-toyear basis.

With two library board members absent– Judi Rupp and Sandy Wyse– further action was tabled.

Budde said the committee would have something to present at the December meeting.

New Member

With Wyse asking not to be reappointed when her current seven-year term expires, the board discussed possible candidates.

Four names were mentioned, and one was eliminated.

Once the board has a candidate, the Archbold Area School Board, which acts as the taxing authority for the library board, must approve the nominee.

The school board must make the appointment by the end of January, Klingelsmith said.

Board members agreed to contact the candidates to see if they would be willing to serve. Action was tabled until the December meeting.


In her financial report, Jennifer Harkey, fiscal offi cer, said there was nothing unusual in the library finances for September.

Harkey has sent a request to the Ohio Historical Society, asking to be allowed to destroy old library records.

She said if she does not hear from the OHS by Oct. 26, the documents can be destroyed.

During September, Harkey said two certificates of deposit were renewed. The certificates have a 12-month term, and pay 0.38% interest.

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