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Library Language Program Is Popular

The Byki® Online Library Edition, or Before You Know It, a language-teaching computer program offered through the Archbold Community Library website, is generating good feedback.

That’s what Joyce Klingelsmith told members of the Archbold Library Board during their Thursday, Oct. 7 meeting.

“We’ve heard nothing but good comments from people,” Klingelsmith said.

She said there were 13 persons using the program.

She told board members the library pays about $1,500 for the program, which library patrons can access through the library website using their library card.


Jennifer Harkey, library fiscal officer, reported the library ended the months of August and September in the black.

During August, the library ended the month $44,622.14 in the black, because $53,176.94 in property tax levy revenue was received.

In September, the library showed a positive cash flow of $10,099.35. Harkey said that was the result of receiving $11,931.33 in commercial activity tax, or CAT tax revenue. Klingelsmith said the state government will begin phasing out the CAT tax in 2011.

Klingelsmith told board members library total circulation and attendance has been off considerably, which she said is due to the library’s reduced hours.

However, Klingelsmith said the average daily circulation has held steady, and in some cases, increased.

She said the library has not acquired as many books as it had at the same time last year. She said now that she has a better idea where the library stands budgetwise, she will be ordering more childrens books.

“We’ll still be down for the year,” she said. “We still won’t spend all that was in the budget, but we purchased quite a few childrens books in the last few months.”

Klingelsmith said she has ordered more flash drives– small, portable computer memory. Persons are coming into the library to have documents scanned through the library’s new computer scanner. The library offers the flash drives for sale as a way to take the information home.


Library board members agreed to purchase an enhanced, computer-based catalog service.

The library currently pays about $2,072 per year, or about $6,100 over three years, for the current service.

The company that provides the catalog offered a promotion that included catalogs for both adults and children plus a new computer server at a cost of $2,850 over three years, a savings of roughly $3,250.

The catalog system offers pictures of the book covers plus brief reviews, a summary, and in some cases, a table of contents.


John Bamonte, a board member, said he attended a county-wide library trustees meeting, during which several suggestions were discussed.

One was making greater use of a “Friends of the Library” organization.

Such an organization could raise funds or provide volunteer labor.

As an example, Bamonte said as the library was preparing old documents to be scanned into a computer database, library employees were removing staples from those documents. The job, he said, could have been handled by volunteers.


The term of Diane Tinsman, board member, is set to expire at the end of the year. Board members discussed some names of possible candidates to replace her

Klingelsmith said the library received $290 in memory of the late Gertrude Fraas. It was noted she was a member of the library board for 20 years.

All members were present, and all votes unanimous. The next meeting of the Archbold Library Board is Thursday, Dec. 2, 7 pm, at the library.–David Pugh

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