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Library Ends Year With $104,000 Carryover

The Archbold Community Library ended 2010 with $104,002.02, Jennifer Harkey, library fiscal officer, told members of the library board at its meeting, Thursday, Jan. 13.

Harkey said that’s more money than the library had on hand at the end of 2009.

Overall revenue during 2010 was about $50,000 higher than in 2009, due in part to the property tax levy renewal and increase that was passed in May 2009. Voters approved the renewal of four-tenths (.4) of a mill, plus an additional (.3) of a mill.

Also, Harkey said state public library funding was $7,000 more than what was initially budgeted. Total state support was $212,289.54.

Board members agreed to move $54,002.02 into the general fund and put $50,000 into a one-year certificate of deposit. She said the certifi- cate is paying about .56% interest.

The library continues to benefit from its policy of closing Fridays and Wednesday evenings in terms of energy consumption.

The library began reduced hours midway through 2009, so savings from the reduced hours only applied for about six months.

After 2010, when reduced hours were applied for the full year, Harkey said the 2010 electricity bill was down $4,000 for the year, compared to 2009. The natural gas bill was also down by about $1,300. Numbers Down, But…

The 2010 year-end report indicates the total number of items circulated by the library was 120,060, down 13,885 items from 2009, when 133,915 items were borrowed.

Joyce Klingelsmith, library director, said the library was closed 39 additional days during 2010 when compared to 2009. So when the circulation figures are pro-rated, the average daily circulation for 2010 was more than 2009.

“We are just as busy as ever, because people are using the library,” she said.

The number of visitors was down about 16.7% from 2009. The annual report shows in 2009, there were 76,260 visitors. In 2010 there were 63,522, a difference of 12,738.

The average daily number was down from 258 in 2009 to 248 in 2010.

Klingelsmith said part of the problem could be attributed to the electronic patron counter near the front door.

In January 2010, Klingelsmith said a new counter was installed, and she believed then, that counter had a tendency to undercount the number of people coming through the door.

At that January 2010 meeting, Klingelsmith told board members the old counter was suspected of overcounting. She said on one day, it recorded 572,000 visitors. That’s more than the population of Cleveland. Insurance

The health insurance bill for employees went up 12%. Klingelsmith said the library’s health insurance agent is looking for less expensive options.

Building and property insurance increased by $150 for 2011, to $4,455.

That includes a 4% increase in the value of the library building and property, plus a $481 discount for such things as yearly fire alarm checks, alarms ringing into a central station, and having sexual harassment and non-discrimination policies in place.

She said the insurance is provided by the Ohio Risk Management Plan, which is specifically designed for public entities such as the library.

It’s hard to get comparable insurance from other companies that don’t normally cover public entities, she said.

Board members approved renewing the building and property insurance. New Member

Jay Budde, rural Archbold, took the oath of office as the newest board member. He replaces Diane Tinsman, whose term expired. Library board terms are seven years.

Board members Corinna Miller and Sandy Wyse were absent.

The board set its regular meeting date as the second Wednesday of every other month.

The next meeting is Wednesday, March 9, 7 pm, at the library.–David Pugh

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