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Library Clarifies Insurance Issue

The Archbold Community Library Board clarified its stand on employee health insurance at its Wednesday, Aug. 13 meeting.

In an earlier meeting, the board voted to require employees over the age of 65 to shift their health insurance coverage from the library insurance carrier to the federal Medicare program.

At that time, the board agreed that if an employee on Medicare decides to purchase private insurance that supplements Medicare coverage, the library would reimburse the employee for a percentage of the cost of the supplemental plan.

Joyce Klingelsmith, library director, explained to the board to qualify for Medicare supplemental policies, a person must also be enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part B covers doctor visits and similar expenses.

Medicare Part A only covers hospitalizations.

Jennifer Harkey, library fiscal officer, said the premium for Medicare Part B is about $100 per month, compared with bills of more than $600 per month to cover a library employee through the library’s regular carrier.

“So it’s good for the library,” said Jed Grisez, board member.

The board voted to approve paying a percentage of the Medicare Part B coverage for employees over the age of 65.

The second issue that came up involved the one library employee who was old enough to qualify for Medicare, but paid her own Medicare Part B premium for four months.

Joyce Klingelsmith asked if the board would consider reimbursing the employee or what she had paid out for Part B coverage.

John Bamonte, board vice president, asked if it was necessary to reimburse the employee for a policy that had not been put in place, but Klingelsmith said the board had been negligent in failing to clarify the health insurance decision in the first place.

She said it would be “a nice gesture” to reimburse the employee. The cost was estimated at about $93 per month, for four months.

The board approved the reimbursement payment.


Harkey told the board that revenues for the library are on track. She said she had just received the second of two payments from the library operating levy.

She noted that revenue from the library book sale was down.

Klingelsmith said people “weren’t quite as generous as they had been in the past.”

She also noted that the library received a $10 check for used books. The check bounced, and she noted it would cost the library $12 to collect on the debt.

Board members voted to approve the fiscal officer report.


Klingelsmith said the library will probably offer basic computer classes. She said classes will most likely be held in October.

She said the library will offer classes in basic computer operation and the Microsoft Word program.

If there is enough interest, she said the library may offer a class in Microsoft Excel.

Klingelsmith said four students are all it takes to have a class; the library only has six computers available for instruction.

The board learned the library concrete sidewalk repairs have been completed.

Klingelsmith said the library had a signed contract with BMW Services, Wauseon, to paint exterior trim on the building.

However, the BMW building in Wauseon caught fire, damaging the records.

She said if the company hasn’t started the project by the end of August, she will contact the firm.

Board members Jay Budde, Helen Row, and Cara Ulrich were absent.

The next meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 8, 7 pm, in the McLaughlin Room.–David Pugh

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