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Library Board Discusses Personnel Issues

The Archbold Community Library Board created a three-member committee to discuss personnel issues during its Wednesday, Sept. 12 meeting.

Jed Grisez, board president, and board members Jay Budde and Helen Rowe will serve on the committee.

The board discussed revisions to the personnel policy.

Joyce Klingelsmith, library director, said she used a template from the Ohio Library Council to write a new policy, but noted in many cases, the policy simply sets down in writing standard library board practices.

She noted the template spells out that all library employees are considered at-will employees who can be “let go” at any time, without cause.

“Employees have the right to quit right now. They are not required to give two weeks notice,” she said.

At the same time, the library board is not required to provide an employee with notice, or a reason for termination from their job.

“That’s an extreme way of handling it, in the event you couldn’t support that size of staff,” she said.

Vacation for Part-Time

The board also discussed the possibility of offering paid vacation for part-time employees.

Klingelsmith proposed that after three years, a part-time employee earns two hours of vacation time for each 100 hours worked in the previous year.

Right now, the proposal would only apply to one employee, who has been on the library staff since 2005.

That employee works about 1,100 hours in a year, which would equate to 22 hours of vacation. At six hours a day, that would be not quite four days.

It would be about half of the vacation time a full-time employee earns.

Other formulas could be used.

Klingelsmith said the proposal would reward part-time employees for their work.

She said part-time workers start at $8 per hour.

“I can’t pay them that well,” she said.

In response to a question from Budde, Klingelsmith said the sample policy recommends paid vacation for parttime employees, but every library uses its own formula. She noted some libraries give part-time workers the same benefits as full-time.

Board members also discussed granting employees their birthdays off, or paid personal leave.

“We’ve never had personal leave here,” Klingelsmith said.

Employees can ask for time off on an unpaid basis, and Klingelsmith said there are no problems with employees abusing that privilege.

“Not with this staff. We have all worked together so long, they know what I mean,” she said.


Budde said much to his amazement, Klingelsmith has never had an evaluation of her work by the board in more than 20 years.

“Every employee needs to hear the good things they are doing,” he said.

Klingelsmith noted that like all library workers, she is an at-will employee. She does not have a contract, but recommended a letter of agreement, spelling out terms and conditions of the director’s employment.

No action was taken on the personnel discussions, and the matter was turned over to the personnel committee.– David Pugh

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