Archbold, OH

Library Adds New Employee

Joyce Klingelsmith, director of the Archbold Community Library, told members of the library board Katie Wyse was hired as a library assistant.

Klingelsmith gave the information to board members at their Wednesday, July 11, meeting.

Wyse is a sophomore at Archbold High School. She will work evenings and weekends and be paid $7.70 per hour.

Wyse replaced Lauren King, who has found other employment.

Rhonda Kempf, a library assistant, will be moved from part-time to full-time. Her hourly wage will increase from $8.62 per hour to $9.50 per hour.

The board approved the move.

The board also discussed rehiring Paula Schaffner, a library assistant who is retiring Aug. 31.

If she is rehired, it will be on a part-time basis at her current hourly wage of $11.57 per hour. The wage level was approved by the board.

Board members met in executive session for about one hour during the meeting.

The stated reason for the closed-door session was discussion of the library personnel handbook.

Klingelsmith noted the handbook had not been revised since 2007, “and I think it could stand some updating in several areas.”


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