Archbold, OH

Levy Renewal Topic At School Board

The renewal of a five-year, $1.1-million emergency operating levy was studied at the Archbold School Board meeting, Monday, Feb. 21.

District voters will be asked to approve the renewal during the May 3 primary election.

David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, told board members meetings have been held with the district staff, and a presentation about the levy was given to the Archbold Rotary Club, Friday, Feb. 18.

The staff meeting, he said, was to ensure the district employees were getting accurate information.

There were five points emphasized in the meetings:

The renewal is for the exact same dollar amount as the original levy, which was approved by voters in 2006.

Brett Kolb, Fulton County auditor, determined the required to generate $1.1 million. The school board has no input on the millage. When originally passed, it took 4.91 mills to generate $1.1 million. Due to a reduction in property values, if the renewal passes, 5.39 mills will be required to raise $1.1 million.

The board looked over a number of levy options before deciding on the $1.1 million renewal.

Based on current operating expenses, if the $1.1 million emergency levy is approved, the board will return to voters in two years for additional money.

It is imperative that “folks get out and vote,” Deskins said. He said he emphasized the point to the staff and community business leaders.

Jon Lugbill, board president, asked board members if they had received any feedback from the staff meetings and the Rotary Club presentation.

Scott Miller, board member, said he’s heard positive comments, saying the community understands the need for the levy renewal.

Miller said people also appreciate how district administrators have kept costs in line. District expenditures are at 2006 levels.

Phil Nofziger, board member, said people he spoke to appreciate that the school board considered everyone’s financial situation, and asked for no increase in revenue.

“They appreciate that we’re not asking for a huge amount,” he said.–David Pugh

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