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Letters To The Editor – Your Opinions Welcome

The Archbold Buckeye welcomes your opinions in the form of “Letters to the Editor.” Letters may be on any subject of current interest and not pro- motional.

Please remember, the space is not for promotional letters or letters of thanks (except in unusual circumstances approved by the publisher), or long lists of names. It is a public forum in which readers may express a point of view to stimulate the thinking of others.

Letters must be written and signed by one person only, or husband and wife.

All letters should be typewritten, double-spaced and signed. For verifica- tion, an address and telephone number MUST be included. Letters of more than 300 words will not be used.

The Archbold Buckeye does not publish unsigned letters, or mass-mailed letters to the editor to area newspapers. Letters are edited for length, grammar, and libel. There is no charge for a letter published in “Letters To The Editor.”

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