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Letters To The Editor

Here’s what’s on my mind tonight about these future lockdowns. These are intended to wipe out business with a goal to eventually give everyone a guaranteed wage.

That is exactly what their (socialist) intentions are and the only way to stop this is to stand together and say, “No, I will not lock down and I refuse to live in fear.”

I think most anyone paying attention knows deep down this Covid is no worse than the annual flu.

This is no more than manipulation of the masses. Every year people die from flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart and lung problems and other things. We never wear a mask or stay home.

Every Covid case is kept on file for 28 days and is counted over and over for that period of time so the numbers show a spike and the media runs with it.

This Covid will never leave if we listen to the WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

So everyone has to decide when enough is enough and start living again instead of worrying about dying.

Thomas Rychener


(Editor’s note: After receiving Mr. Rychener’s letter to the editor, Kim Cupp, Fulton County Health Commissioner, was asked to respond. Mr. Rychener’s letter is his opinion, to which he is entitled.)

The intentions of your Fulton County Health Department are to reduce and prevent morbidity (illness) and mortality (death).

Please consider the following: COVID-19 is much worse than the annual flu. The impact of the annual flu is significantly decreased through vaccination.

In Fulton County, an average of about 35 people are hospitalized each flu season. The most severe recent flu season was 2017-18, when 55 people were hospitalized.

So far in the last eight months, 72 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19.

The long-term effects of COVID-19 are not fully understood. The capacity for COVID-19 to spread through a community is significantly greater.

As of Nov. 19, Fulton County has seen the death of 24 individuals due to COVID 19. These are 24 individuals who physicians indicated on their final death certificate that COVID-19 was a cause of death.

These 24 individuals died during a time when most in the community are actively taking steps to prevent its spread, and when healthcare workers are hyper-vigilant at taking the necessary steps to prevent its spread within their facilities.

As of Nov. 19, Fulton County has recorded 1,089 separate individuals that were determined to be a positive case of COVID-19, either through a laboratory test or through the diagnosis of their healthcare provider.

Each of these cases have been counted and recorded only once.

Your Fulton County Health Department takes the responsibility to record and investigate communicable diseases very seriously.

COVID-19 is a Class A reportable disease, and is required to be reported to the local health department by healthcare providers and the laboratories completing the tests for COVID-19.

Please take steps to prevent additional people from becoming ill and exceeding the capacity of our healthcare system.

Kimberly A. Cupp

Fulton County Health