Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

I am glad I taught school in an era when you challenged students to think and search for new ideas and questioned old ones instead of regurgitating facts.

It also was a time teachers were respected by students, parents, and the general public. I never felt I was begrudged what I was paid.

I found interesting this editorial statement “people who take public dollars for their wages need to keep in mind the new political and economical realities.”

I realize that doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other occupations are not paid by public dollars, but those who need their services do have the money coming out of their pockets.

Curious that they were not mentioned as needing to be aware of this new reality.

Bright young people used to dream of becoming educators… too few do now or, if they do enter the profession, many leave after a few years discouraged by belittling attitudes and regulations. Many who have been in education are looking forward to early retirement.

An educated society is the future of our nation.

Presently, our educational system is behind other industrialized countries who understand this. Teachers are underpaid, not over paid, and I appreciate all of the ones who challenged me, and my family, to strive to live productive lives.

I am glad I was a teacher when teachers were still appreciated.

Virginia Bamonte, Archbold

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