Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

I’m concerned about what will happen to our community’s retail appearance when we make a Route 66 bypass around Archbold.

I ask any reader to give me one example of a community in Ohio where rerouting the main thoroughfare improved the appearance of their downtown and main street business area.

I have a suggestion to help manage our Defiance Street/ Stryker Street truck-turning dilemma.

We have as much traffic going south as we do north or east. Today, the southbound traffic at the Stryker Street intersection is all handled with one lane.

Why not do the same for traffic entering the intersection going northbound or eastbound?

Take the two lanes going north and make one lane a little right or east of the current double yellow line. Do the same with Stryker Street going eastbound into the intersection.

This can be tested without an expensive study. Just use cones and temporary barriers for a month or two for the public to experience the difference and see what happens.

It may need tweaked a little, but we wouldn’t have to spend a million dollars to put a faster way to Defi- ance and for people coming from the south to get to the turnpike, and miss the experience of viewing Archbold’s beautiful parks, streets, businesses, and homes.

Our quaint, small town of businesses, homes, and industries would never be experienced by those flying by on a bypass.

Pursuing free grant money is not always good for the homes, businesses, and industries that people spent their lives developing.

If you lose business downtown, you will lose contributors to this community that donate to school and community events such as afterprom, yearbook ads, athletic and music programs, etc.

Speak up now to our elected officials with our feelings about what is best for Archbold’s future.

Tim T. Smith


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