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Letter To The Editor

Why did governor Romney really lose the election?

I am of the view that he unwittingly fell into the same trap that many of president Obama’s opponents fell into: Obama is a lightweight.

From the outset, president Obama was not taken seriously by some in the opposing ranks and the fervid talk radio entertainment industry.

At every turn, president Obama was seen by some as an outsider and even un- American.

Governor Romney paid little attention to any data available in recent books written by David Plouffe, president Obama’s senior campaign advisor, and by E.J. Dionne, a highly regarded political writer for the Washington Post.

The makeup of the population in 2012 is significantly different from the makeup in 1980 or in 2004.

For many years, working class voters and some voters in very low-paying jobs paid scant attention to politics. They were quite willing to “vote rich and live poor,” as a famous Mississippi writer explained some time ago on the Charlie Rose Show.

It is fair to state that in 2012, the same folks who took advice from talk show sources years ago were not getting additional information from several cable TV channels and the Internet.

Governor Romney believed that he was particularly qualified as a successful businessman to be president. There was no need to explain in detail his plans for the country.

In hindsight, he was wrong.

He underestimated president Obama, and his campaign strategy magnified the mistake.

John Jemmott

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