Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

Having owned and trained dogs of numerous breeds off and on over many years, I am confident that the Archbold village council has taken an extremely short-sighted and uneducated position regarding the viciousness of pit bulls.

Any dog can be vicious. Any dog can be trained to respond to commands of its owner.

Dogs are smart, often more so than politicians.

Pit bulls are vicious because they are trained to be or are neglected. My greatgrandchildren– ranging in ages from 2 to 9– have been raised with pit bulls. Never have any of the dogs turned on the children.

All have allowed the children to maul them, play with them, even “swipe” food from their dish.

However, they could (I am confident, would) become aggressive should they feel any of these children were in danger.

Dogs want to please their masters and will do what they are led to believe what is expected of them.

Could council ask for more?

Fred Nofziger

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